There is no digital device in the market, that is evaluating strabismus in various gaze angles.

There are only analog alternatives such as Harms-Wand or Hess, which are very time consuming.

EyeStrab is the most accurate measurement device for strabismus currently on the market.


EyeStrab provides all necessary information about an eye movement disorder an ophthalmologist needs.

With EyeStrab it is possible to perform a Hess Test or a Harm’ Wand test even on a child - a big plus when examining children!

EyeStrab offers a variety of measurement options to the ophtalmologist: Heterophoria and Heterotropia measurement, Pattern Strabimus detection, AC ratio measurement, preferential look and nystagmus.

The EyeStrab medical device offers

Faster measurements via real time evaluation of video data with AI

Precise & objective results

Less time & effort for the doctor

More convenience for the patient

Full documentation of eye movement disorders

EyeStrab requires no active cooperation of the patient – a big plus when examining children!



Strabismus affects 6% of the population world-wide. If not diagnosed early, strabismus can cause decreased vision (amblyopia). 50% of amblyopia is a result of strabismus.

The current „gold standard“ for measuring strabismus is the prism bar, which has various disadvantages such as low precision and a high demand of patient cooperation which is hard to achieve with children. Even with adults, proper measurement and documentation of eye movement disorder takes approx. 45 minutes and doesn't allow a precise interpretation of the results.

EyeStrab offers fast, objective and accurate measurements for all ages!